Resolve Disputes Between Businesses

Sooner or later, every business will face a dispute with another business entity — whether it's a supplier, distributor, competitor, neighbor or even a business partner. There is a wide range of actions that are not considered crimes, but which can nonetheless harm your business interests. These actions are called business torts or economic torts. While some of the disputes that arise from business torts can be resolved through informal negotiation and compromise, more often it will take litigation to reach a lasting resolution.

Walton Law Group has more than 30 years of experience helping businesses and their owners work through business-to-business disputes. Our attorneys have worked with companies operating in a wide range of industries throughout Southern California. In every case, we tailor our legal strategy to the unique needs of your business.

We Will Stand Up For Your Business Interests

We understand that seemingly minor disagreements can have a major impact on your operations and your bottom line. That's why we assertively work to advance your interests and to resolve your legal matter quickly and effectively.

We represent businesses facing a wide range of business-to-business disagreements, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Aborted transactions
  • Fraudulent or unfair business practices
  • Franchise and licensing disputes
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Violation of patent rights
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Commercial construction disputes

Furthermore, we also assist with internal disputes among shareholders and partners.

Get The Legal Advice Your Business Needs

When it comes to the future of your business, you want a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to effectively advocate for your interests. To learn more about Walton Law Group's business law services, call 626-714-3017 or email us and schedule a free initial consultation.

From our office in Pasadena, we serve clients throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and beyond in Southern California.