Take Action Against Elder Abuse

The autumn years of one's life can be a perilous time. While some seniors remain independent and healthy until their last breath, many more rely on one form of help or another from loved ones, personal care attendants or medical professionals as they get older. When these parties act in good faith, they are performing a genuine service. Unfortunately, all too often the people tapped to help an elderly person abuse their position in order to commit fraud or other forms of elder financial abuse.

At Walton Law Group, we take elder abuse very seriously. We understand that every family is unique and that legal disputes often require sophisticated solutions that weave through a family's private politics. When you come to us for legal advice, we don't just want to know what form of abuse triggered your search for a lawyer. We want to understand your goals so that we design a legal strategy that will help you accomplish them. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate unusual, highly creative solutions to complicated legal matters.

We Stand Up For Our Clients And For Elders' Dignity

We have a long and successful record challenging a wide range of financial fraud actions against elders. We have helped our clients prove fraud in the course of contesting wills and shown when one party has undue influence over an elder's decisions and finances.

It's important to us to meet your clients' needs and to do right by the elder involved in the case, but we also maintain a strong focus on the nuts and bolts of your case. Whenever possible, we work to pin down the assets in question so that you can eventually recover them when your legal matter is resolved. And we will also help you and your family seek punitive damages for whatever harm you have suffered.

Get Legal Support And Protect The Senior Citizen In Your Life

At Walton Law Group, our attorneys are committed to helping you obtain the best outcome available for you and your family. We will tailor our legal strategy to your needs, and we will not back down from a fight in litigation when necessary.

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